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Looking To Grow Your Business?

We help your business grow by identifying and removing the constraints holding it back.


The Process

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Step 1: Evaulation

We will get on a quick call to identify if we are a good fit to help you accomplish your goals. Hit the apply now button on any page to get started.

Step 2: Identifying Constraints

After we've invited you for a second call we start our process. We will help you identify the key constraints.

Step 3: Implement

After the completion of step 2 we will help you execute on a plan to scale your business.

Why Choose Pathley?
Our advisors have...


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Take Action

Why Companies Choose Pathley

Growth... We talk to businesses every day at varying stages, and they all want one thing, growth. Some want more profitable growth and more free cash flow to accomplish their goals. Others want the business to have a 7-9 figure exit. Then there are those who aim to create improved opportunities for their existing talent pool, with the added goal of attracting higher tiers of expertise. Lastly, some are motivated by an innate desire to be the best. Their intent isn't solely fixed on reaching a predetermined goal but rather on a continuous journey of refinement, reminiscent of Michael Jordan's unwavering pursuit of excellence.

They all want Growth, but why do some not grow or grow at the levels they'd like to? Here are the 6 main business constraints we see;

  • Wrong team or leaders

  • Broken sales process

  • Excessive employee turnover

  • Lack of consistent lead flow

  • Excess churn

  • Inefficient internal processes

And that's where we come in we help;

  • Track the data that counts

  • Help you decide if you have the right team

  • Review your sales process internally and externally(mystery shopping)

  • Find the few initiatives to focus on that'll help you scale

  • Implement and track lead gen strategies 

  • Review and improve customer care, support, and retention

What you'll get working with Pathley

Revenue Growth

Higher Margins




What Our Clients Say

"Our firm tripled in the last 3 years. Shawn got us laser focused on the iniatives that mattered and helped remove the road blocks preventing our growth. "

Richard Lyon CEO, Varisty Finance

Who We Work With

A Drive To Grow

SaaS, Service, and Consulting businesses

Culture Fit

Want Us To Help Grow Your Business?

See how Pathley can help you accomplish your business goals today

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